About us

HydTec is a certified premium distributor for Hoyer motors.

Hoyer motors is associated worldwide as a manufacturer of electric motors with first-class quality and the obvious choice when a trouble-free operation is required from the simplest applications to the absolutely toughest conceivable working climate in industry and shipping.

We are honored to represent Hoyer motors and together, through Hoyer's enormous warehousing, our e-commerce platform and know-how, we can offer a high level of service and delivery security.

Hoyer Motors is also known as Svend Hoyer A / S.


HydTec is a certified distributor of Parker Hannifin.

Parker Hannifin is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hydraulic components and units with over 100 years of leading innovation and technological development.

We are proud of our collaboration with Parker Hannifin, which enables us to offer our customers technology solutions and products of the highest quality.

Parker has an extremely broad product range with short lead times, which means that there is a very short time between decision-making and that the system is in place with you as a customer.